About Our Network
Carrier Grade - Easy, reliable and affordable business communications

About Communications’ Hosted Infrastructure and private access network was designed with our customer’s mission critical business applications in mind.

About Communications’ infrastructure is designed to deliver everything a business needs for it’s communications needs:

· Reliability. Our infrastructure is built on technology solutions from industry leading vendors providing our customers the best solutions at the most affordable prices. Our hosted infrastructure and network is built up on proven platforms and applications from leading manufactures such as Mitel, Sun Microsystems , HP, Common Voices, Audio Codes, IBM, Microsoft and Cisco Systems.

· Availability. Our private access network includes dedicated paths between your office and our switching centre - preventing slowdowns and ensuring voice quality. Furthermore, our hosted infrastructure is situated in North America’s third largest Carrier Hotel’s and has built in redundancy with multi-redundant separate connections to both the public phone network and the Internet.

· Performance. We manage our network design and interconnections to provide network performance that allows our customers to take advantage of performance sensitive Hosted applications like Microsoft Exchange or network applications such as video conferencing.

· Managed. Our systems monitor the performance of your network 24/7, providing our customers a level of network service previously only available to large enterprises.

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