About Business Cloud Services

We have a solution that meets your needs.

About Communications delivers industry-standard enterprise collaboration and IT cloud based solutions that are reliable, easy to use and deploy, and provide high value to small and medium-sized businesses. We take care of the routine applications management, including upgrades, patch uploads, and software revisions—freeing your internal IT resources to focus on your business specific operations.

Hosted Exchange Email
Our Exchange offering enables companies of all sizes to have flexible, easy-to-use, business-class email, as well as collaboration and group scheduling—via Outlook.

Website Hosting
About Communications offers shared Website hosting—so you only pay for the server capacity you need.

Hosted Sharepoint
SharePoint provides a Web-based located to share project plans, ideas, contacts, announcements, calendars—anything and everything your team and customers’ need.

Online Backup
About Communications Online Backup is a business-class data backup solution that offers a simple and safe way to back up all your important information.

About Web Conferencing
About Communication’s on demand web conferencing, simplifies local and global meeting logistics with a single provider.