Virtual Receptionist

The Challenge:

The small business market is the largest addressable market in North America. It is difficult to split small businesses into even several categories because of the broadness of this market segment. However, there are a number of common elements that remain a constant across many of these. Most small businesses are under capitalized in that they either lack the working capital or cash flow to adequately fund any aggressive growth. Accordingly, any new technology or service that can streamline their business operations, reduce costs and do so with a limited CAPEX investment is very important to them.

In addition to saving working capital to reinvest into their business, most small businesses would like the opportunity to look bigger to their prospects. If they are competing in a market against a well known name or brand, anything that they can do to look bigger and more professional is important to them. And if they can use technologies to do this and also streamline their business, it’s a win-win.

The Solution:

The Integrated Communications System service is without a doubt the best suited business phone system for the small business market. Because it is hosted, the CAPEX is virtually eliminated. With the self administered user portal, the small business owner or manager can administer the system without the need for outside service calls. Mobile Twinning certainly contains their wireless cost and Hot Desking is perfect for the business owner that wants a business phone at their house so they are always in touch. Although all of the features in the Integrated Communications System are important, “Virtual Receptionists” provide the greatest business benefits for this market.

With Virtual Receptionists, even the smallest of businesses can look large and professional. And with the Integrated Communications Systems unique user configurability of them, they can virtually setup as many as they want. Even an end user can have their own that can be tied into their call coverage settings. Example, a caller calls ext. 123 that points to the manager. An auto attendant can be put in front of that extension so that when ext 123 is dialed, that managers personal auto attendant can answer it, route the call dynamically and even have time of day messages such as lunch or after hours messages.